It’s not unheard of to hear about a keener DIY fanatic who reached a little too high for the painting and feel on the way up. Or what about the person who has spring cleaning fever and tries to climb the ladder on your front porch to change the light bulbs and simply hurts their back on the way down the ladder? You may call yourself a weekend refurbish warrior, but when the going happens you just are not the most resilient superhero that you prior thought yourself as. With warmer weather, we have the false acclamation that no pain can affect us.


The Most At Risk Body Parts

When you think about these types of injuries, we use our hands and fingers in practically every single project. It is therefore our extremities that are at the greatest risk of pain. More than 50% of the injuries that are home improvement related have to do with hands, fingers and feet, where the power saw is a contributor to 4,000 yearly finger amputations. Nonetheless, the whopping majority of ER visits at 31.5% are due to lacerations of any body parts. Interestingly enough, ladders are the most significant vehicle of this pain not during spring cleaning season but during December. Perhaps this has to do a little something with hanging up Christmas ornaments and the treacherous, slippery ice that lies below your feet? Although you know what they say, Canadians were born on the ice.


A Fool-Proof Solution

It comes as no news that the most at-risk cohort of these injuries are retirees. The fact that age is not on their side combined with their propensity to want to shape up their environment means that these folks need to be a little more careful of what they do around the house. They should become fairly introduced to the Handy app, despite not being the keenest and technologically-proficient of the bunch. But the ability to see your dream projects fornicate before your eyes is possible with Handy men and women who will enter your home within 24 hours of your request at your service. If your whim is to add a sleek shelving unit above your couch and to hang up those new planters you bought the other day, you can enjoy a cup of tea while you watch your very own handyman do the work for you.


It’s Not Worth The Injury

Injuries that can potentially lead you to the emergency room are not worth the step you needed to take to get there. Perhaps you rely on your loyal (and tall) son to take down the china from the highest shelf in your kitchen, or the gardener to do you a favor and take out the heavy recycling box for you. You don’t need to rely on anyone except your Handy man anymore.